This is a section dedicated to my upcoming short film: Alienación. My second movie based on Julio Ramon Ribeyro’s short stories.


I made this movie because I was frustrated with school. I was in—supposedly—the best film school in the world, and I felt my classes weren’t challenging me enough. Furthermore, I wanted to make a movie in Perú, and I couldn’t do that if I had to take 5 classes per semester.

My solution was to go during my month long winter break and make a movie.

To give some background on how this movie came to be, I first had the idea of making a film based on the short story back in 2015. I tried doing several scripts but none captured the magic of the short story. I decided to leave it for the future. In 2017 I was taking a class on short screenwriting in Emerson College, of a whim, I decided to give Alienación a try. To my surprise, it kind of worked. I thought I would leave it off for my college thesis. But after I transferred to NYU I was so bored with the basic classes that kept teaching what a closeup or what a medium shot is… I was fed up, and I began producing the film from New York.

I casted some of my actors through Skype and had many production meetings over the phone. And finally, I flew back to Lima January 3rd and had 14 days to prepare for the shoot. We scrambled, but managed to pull the entire shoot in 3 days.

I’m skimming many parts of this story because I want the short to come out into the world first, but I’ll leave you with some stills from the film as well as some behind the scenes. I’m really excited to share this film with you.